Historic Powhatan

Originally settled by French Huguenots in the early 1700’s, the County of Powhatan was created by the Virginia General Assembly in 1777.  The County was named in honor of the Indian Chief Powhatan, father of Pocahontas.  The original courthouse was constructed in 1778, and the immediate area was named Scottville after General Charles Scott, a Revolutionary War hero.

In 1850, a small portion of Chesterfield County was annexed, creating the current boundaries of Powhatan County.  Located in Virginia’s Central Piedmont province between the historic Appomattox and James rivers, Powhatan is 20 miles west of Richmond, the State Capitol, and within a two-hour drive of Washington D.C., Colonial Williamsburg, the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.

While maintaining a charming rural atmosphere, Powhatan’s central location provides its residents with access to major cultural, recreational, educational and medical centers.

  1. Century Farms

    View a listing of the farms within Powhatan County

  2. Historical Churches & Cemeteries

    Historical Churches & Cemeteries

  3. Historical & County Attractions

    Visit important parts of Powhatan's past and current culture and history.

  4. Historical Society of Powhatan

    The Powhatan County Historical Society is dedicated to promoting the county’s unique past for present and future generations through collecting, preserving, educating, interpreting, and researching our local history.

  5. Historical Structures & Sites

    These attractions are steeped in beauty and history and are a must-see for anyone visiting area.

  6. Lee's Last Camp

    Explore the history of Robert E. Lee's last camp as he traveled to join his family.

  7. National Register of Historic Places

    There are 19 properties in Powhatan that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

  8. Powhatan Driving Tour

    If it's too hot to do anything else, or if you're wondering what to do when friends and family visit, jump in the car, turn on the air conditioning, and spend the day getting to know Powhatan a little better.

  9. Roadside Markers

    View historical Powhatan County roadside markers